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原创英语范文:The Risk worth Taking

时间:2012-11-14来源:未知栏目:原创英语bet36体育在线网址_bet36手机投注_bet36在线投注作者:英语bet36体育在线网址_bet36手机投注_bet36在线投注 英语bet36体育在线网址_bet36手机投注_bet36在线投注收藏:收藏本文
bet36体育在线网址_bet36手机投注_bet36在线投注地带原创范文,供您参考;关于自己遇到困难细节描述的范文;重在参考我们的写作规范和思路,同时也让您了解高级写作的一些 powerful 词语表达; The Risk worth Taking Once I took the risk of rescuing my little brother from a house on fire. My little brother carelessly knocked over a c
The Risk worth Taking

Once I took the risk of rescuing my little brother from a house on fire. My little brother carelessly knocked over a candle and went for bed without knowing it. I came back home in time and happened to find the house smoky and ablaze with fire. I rushed into the house and rescued my sound asleep unconscious little brother out of it. It was a risk worth taking, so that my little brother survived the fire.

It was a Saturday night when my parents went on a business trip. My parents entrusted my little brother to my care, but I sneaked out to hang out with my friends and left him on his own playing games. Candles lit, my little brother was very tired and got up only to knock over the candles without knowing it. He went to his bedroom and fell instantly sound asleep. The candles burned the carpet and gradually spread to curtains. But it was not that big and fast.

Fortunately, I parted with my friends earlier and arrived home in time. The house was ablaze with fire and smoky. I was terrified, wondering whether my little brother was all right. Without any hesitation, I knocked out the sound-asleep neighbour’s door and borrowed a thick piece of clothes to cover myself. Afterwards, I soaked a piece of cloth and put it on my mouth and nose. All was done in minutes. I rushed into the house, found my little brother, put him on my back and stormed out of the house. Emergency was called and my little brother was sent to hospital for treatment. This risk of rescuing my little brother from fire was the boldest thing I’ve ever done and felt most proud of. It saved my little brother’s life and freed myself from the ill conscience of not attending to brother well. Otherwise, I would regret for the rest of my life.

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