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Pushing Back the Retirement Age延迟退休
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1. 近年来,推迟退休年龄引发人们热议 2. 推迟退休年龄有利也有弊 3. 我的看法

Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Should Retirement Age Be Postponed? You’d write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words. Your writing should be based on the following outline.

1. 近年来,推迟退休年龄引发人们热议

2. 推迟退休年龄有利也有弊

3. 我的看法

Pushing Back the Retirement Age延迟退休


Based on a recent survey on the Internet, a majority of individuals admit that aging society will bring a variety of problems to their life. Along with the trend of longevity, it has become a trend for people to debate whether it is wise to postpone retirement age.

A number of individuals favor postponing the retirement age. In their eyes, it is this policy that enables the aging society to build up enough work-force. As a matter of fact, people in mounting numbers have come to realize this problem in an aging society. Even so, others hold a different view that postponing retirement age carries some risks. This policy can bring old people stress, but cannot arouse their enthusiasm for work, and cannot help them to enjoy their retirement pension.

I am convinced that we should take into account the wishes of old people. If those seniors have enthusiasm for work, we should educate, advocate and encourage them to work and perform their tasks; if not, it is advisable for the society to create a comfortable twilight for them. If we try our utmost to do so, the future of old people' life will be promising and hopeful.