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How To Improve English In The English Corner

As the world gets globalized, it is naturally that people from all around the world needs a common language to communicate, English is admitted to be a tool for people understand each other. In China, English has been the main subject for student, besides learning English in the class; students also study it when they are out of class. English corner is a very popular way for people learn English,but it needs stills in order to work efficiently.


如何在英语角里提高英语How To Improve English In The English Corner

People like to study English outside the class, because it is much active and easy way to learn, students feel free and can express what they want, especially there always some foreign friends, it is a good chance to have access to the local accent. In English corner, first, you have to be brave, never mind making mistakes, there is nothing to be shame of making mistakes, people don’t care it, they want your confidence, the more you practice, the less mistake you will make. Second, try to speak different topic. If you speak the same topic all the time, you’ll never get improved; different topics broaden your knowledge and enlarge your vocabulary.


English corner is good way to improve people’s level, especially the oral English. Never be shy and try to find different topic will help people better improve. Let’s go and say in English!


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