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当谈及到令人印象深刻的大学课程(The Most Impressive Course in My College)时,人们各持己见。我认为,大学里令人印象最深的课程是《英语电影欣赏》。


The Most Impressive Course in My College

  When it comes to a course that leaves the deepest impression in university, different people stand on different grounds. As for me, the most impressive course in college is “Appreciation of English Movies”, which I like best. I prefer this curriculum to others owing to the following factors.

  On one hand, the professor in charge of this course has impressed me most because she is not only knowledgeable but also patient. More importantly, it is this respectable teacher who spurs my interest to English harder and broadens my horizon as well. Until now, what she said in the class often occurs to my mind. On the other hand, there are many discussions in the classroom when we have lessons. We are allowed to talk freely about a movie, the topic ranging from the theme of a film to its casting. So, during the talk, we become increasingly open-minded. And undoubtedly a brain open to everything carries great importance to study, work and life.

  Generally speaking, the course on appreciating English films has impressed me most for it is not only instructive but also entertaining. And therefore, I suggest that more similar courses should be offered in the university.