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《我是歌手》之我见 My Opinion Towards I AM A SINGER
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《我是歌手》之我见 My Opinion Towards I AM A SINGER?

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of singing competitions and talent shows on TV, making lots of people dazzled. Coming with sensation, I AM A SINGER triggered wide attention in public as a competition held for singing personages who have been already well-know. As far as I am concerned, this TV program exerts tremendously propitious influence on both audience and the singers involved.


First and foremost, I AM A SINGER provides the singers who participate in it with a fantastic opportunity to show different characteristics and singing skills on stage which are not presented to audience before. For instance, the famous singer Chen Ming sang a song in the form of rock, which broke her originally relent appearance in our mind.
Secondly, this heated program enables newly-known celebrities to show their incredible capabilities, making the public know them more. Zhang Jie and Deng Ziqi serve as perfect examples. Their brilliant performances earned them applause and accolade, which were then externalized as profits they gain in their concert.
What’s more important, SINGER also led to a magnificent treatment for audience. Since all the singers have adroit and professional skills in singing, each song serves as an audio-visual treatment or delicacy for us.
All in all, TV programs such as I AM A SINGER are gaining more preference in public. I hope that we can see more good programs like this on TV in the near future.

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