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There is a library in every university, some schools pay special attention to the building of the library, because the library always on behalf of presentation of a school. We can find all kinds of books in the room, library provides convenience, but it still has space to improve.

On the one hand, we can check the information and go to the library every day. It is open all the week, and the time is from 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock. For students, they can go to the place all the time. What’s more, the book they want is easy to find, they can check on the computer, and find the number quickly.


On the other hand, the library needs to improve its equipment. The books on the library are very old, it is not good for students to do some research paper. The amount of the computer is not enough, I always find the students wait for the computer, while some students need to use the computer for a long time. So there will be better if increase the number of the computer.


Despite these drawbacks, I am generally pleased with the library and hope that it will continue to make improvement in the future.


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